Brandon Nguyen

I am a student whose focus is learning data science methods and applying them to design. Data driven design is an empirical way of making sure we are designing tools and interfaces that are simple, and easy to use.


Bachelor of Science, Cognitive Science, Specialization in Human-Computer Interaction
University of California, San Diego
Graduation Anticipated: December 2018

Relevant Coursework

  • Object Oriented Programming(I and II)
  • Database Design
  • Discrete Mathematics (I and II)
  • Usability and Information Architecture
  • Cogitive Science (Senses, Memory/Attention, Language)
  • Research Methods
  • Research Statistics
  • Interaction Design (I and II)
  • Data Science
  • Neuroscience (I, II, and III)
  • Social Computing
  • Human Centered Design for Development

Balance of Skills




  • Java
  • C
  • C++
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • python


  • Jupyter Notebooks
  • Lunacy
  • Photoshop
  • InVision
  • Marvel
  • Paint 3D


Instructor Lead/Logistics Manager

RobotCity Workshop West, March 2017-Present
  • Taught a hand-on curriculum to elementary school aged students on robotics and programming
  • Developed and tested new robotics kits and curricula
  • Organized and developed systems for storing, organizing, and preparing robotics kits for classes

Instructional Apprenticeship

UCSD, Department of Cognitive Science, 2017
  • Aided the professor in developing exams and review material
  • Lead discussion sessions in order to discuss, review, and quiz students on current material
  • Met with students and other course staff in order to discuss material and logistics in depth

Undergraduate Researcher

Protolab, January 2018-Present
  • Worked on the redesign of the Design Lab's website
  • Research on Creative Ideation and Abstraction
  • Research on urban design/civic engagement collaboration and toolkits
  • Design of future civic design classes at UCSD
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