Data Science Project

Data Science in Practice: America's Favorite Quiz Show

Using data analysis methods in python (via jupyter notebooks) to analyze Jeopardy questions, categories, and answers in order to find an optimal strategy to playing Jeopardy.

IDk Project

Designing User Experiences: Idea Development Toolkit

Creating and refining user experiences in co-located collaboration efforts by through user research, prototyping, testing, and iterating. The process leverages several Google Services.


User Interfaces and Web Development: inTune: a last.fm Visualizer

Designing and developing a mobile web application that takes data from your last.fm/Spotify listening habits and turns them into visual graphs using various publicly available APIs.

Golden Ticket App

Usability and Information Architecture: Golden Ticket

Using extensive user research to design and develop a mobile application prototype that would help senior citizens save money while they find fun ways to spend their golden years.

Golden Ticket App

Entrepreneurship: Thredr: Crowdsourcing a Closet

Creating an oppurtunity for people to rent out their casual clothes and to try new styles through our crowdsourced closet. Thredr, your one-stop, returns allowed, online thrift shop.